As a campus teacher, it is my responsibility to always learn more about my craft.  Whether I am teaching students how to analyze a poem; how to write an essay; how to develop a speaking outline; or how to build a deck of slides, I must always make sure the information I teach is current, relevant, and audience-centered.  My primary goal as a campus teacher is to keep learning.  I do this by reading blogs and websites, scholarly journals, and books.  I also do this by furthering my own education and taking higher education courses.  Even when I am finished with my M.A. in Communication and my Ph.D. in Communication, I can see myself taking college classes just for fun.  I also keep learning by attending Faculty Development workshops, by accessing Lynda.com, and by trying new technologies in the campus classroom.  If I always push myself to keep improving my campus teaching style and my curriculum, my students will always get the very best learning experience.


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I have more specific goals as a campus teacher.  I would like to continue to work on balancing 10-minute lessons/lectures with classroom discussion or activity.  This is essential, as we know from Dr. John Medina’s Brain Rules, so that an audience can remain engaged.  If I create the right conditions for learning, my message is more likely to resonate, and my students are more likely to learn.  Another campus teaching goal is to include more storytelling in my lessons to give students practical, real life examples.  Storytelling is the most powerful way to communicate information, as we know from Nancy Duarte’s Resonate and Chip and Dan Heath’s Made To Stick, and if I can work harder to mix fact with story, my content will be “stickier” for my students.

Last, but not least, I want to continue to develop my leadership muscles in the workplace.  I’ve held many leadership positions throughout my life both at work and on the Board of Directors for volunteer organizations. It is important for me to continue to improve my leadership skills to assist my fellow faculty – both full time and adjunct.  To accomplish this goal, I plan to do quite a bit of reading and studying; to ask for feedback; to practice; and to work with my own mentors.


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