Campus Teaching

Since 2007, I’ve instructed over 50 campus courses and over 1300 students at the University of North Florida, Gulf Coast State College, Valencia College, Full Sail University, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  I have experience teaching English Composition I, English Composition II, Interpersonal Communication, Professional Communication and Presentation, as well as Public Speaking.  Teaching both traditional academic and nontraditional artistic students helped me gain firsthand experience in student-centered learning.  Please read my Teaching Philosophy to learn more about my approach to teaching and learning.


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To learn more about my campus teaching experience and style, please use the pages below:

Sample Lessons – After learning more about teaching and learning from a public speaking and presentation perspective, I began to redesign my lessons.  These are examples of those lessons applying the design philosophies of Nancy Duarte, Garr Reynolds, and others.

Sample Syllabus – As the Chair of the Public Speaking classes and instructors at Full Sail University, it was my responsibility to create our course syllabus.  In addition to the syllabus I created myself, you will also find a link to the Professional Communication and Presentation syllabus I contributed to under Chiara Ojeda.

Student Critiques – A sampling of recent feedback from campus students I’ve taught in the last year helps you understand the kind of teacher I am right now.

Goals – Effective leaders are intentional about their personal and professional development.  As a campus instructor, there are things I am proud of and things I want to work on.  Learn more about my personal growth plan.


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